JAZZLIVE in Second Life Archive


The real and the virtual interacted as digital artwork on a monumental scale provided a stunning virtual landscape while real-world jazz gigs, broadcast live from a small London club, were injected into the cyberspace.

Update October 2011 - Video of JAZZLIVE Island art.

Update April 2010 - Steve Millar's trio of short films "JAZZLIVE @ The Crypt" are here. Enjoy!

JAZZLIVE at the Crypt presented a short season of jazz concerts celebrating the wealth of talent in the UK jazz scene. The concerts were broadcast live from the Crypt into a virtual venue in the virtual world Second Life.

Second Life is the leading 3D virtual world developed by San Francisco based Linden Lab and is accessible via the Internet. A free viewer program enables its users to interact with each other through avatars. Users can explore, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade virtual property and services with one another. Second Life has a vibrant music and visual arts scene and this project brought both together in a compelling real/virtual interaction.

Our aims were to

- demonstrate the new opportunities that are available to artists and musicians through virtual worlds like Second Life

- explore real audience and virtual audience interactions

- show quality live UK jazz to a wider audience through new media

- improve accessibility to new music

- capture a snapshot of JAZZLIVE at The Crypt and the impact it has on London and UK jazz

- share our knowledge

Avatars representing jazz fans from across the globe logged on to our concerts in the Second Life venue where they experienced live performances by the Gareth Lockrane Septet, Partisans, and The Dave O'Higgins Quartet representing some of the finest musicians and bands in UK jazz. The virtual venue featured artwork by some of Second Life's most respected artists - DanCoyote Antonelli, Oberon Onmura and Juria Yoshikawa commissioned especially for the events. Simultaneously concert goers at The Crypt in Camberwell watched a live stream of the virtual venue which included performances by popular virtual saxophonist Seba Sideways (live from Argentina via Second Life).

Excerpts from the film "JAZZLIVE" by Steve Millar were broadcast during the live events. In both Second Life and in The Crypt viewers watched interviews with Tony Kofi, Charlotte Glasson and The Mutha Luvaz and footage of their recent performances at The Crypt. The film was commissioned as part of the JAZZLIVE in Second Life project.

The JAZZLIVE in Second Life project received favourable reviews from concert attendees and the events proved popular with audiences in both venues. We are currently finishing an evaluation of the project and we will share this with you through updates to this website in the near future.


The JAZZLIVE in Second Life events were part funded by The National Lottery Awards For All.